Practicing and apply the Scientific Method

7 – I think for this part, I did alright. I didn’t give myself an excellent because Jorge and Max are saying some of the methods. But I didn’t give myself a bad because I used it in most of my labs. For example, once I told my group how we could make our video awesome. I said that if we filmed the videos in different angles, then we would have a cool effect in one video. That shows that I used Hypothesis. Next time, I think I could do better by saying the methods in the video more often. I could do this by telling my group mates that I should do some of the methods.

Organization, planning, sharing and working together

8– In this area, I did well because I planned my time wisely. I would plan when I have to stay for H.O.T or if I need to work on the video at home. My skills for organizing are also pretty good. Every time before we go to do the trials, we will check our list that we made before we went for our first trial. The list shows what items we have to bring for our trials. After we checked that we have everything, then we will go to test the mousetrap cars. Not only did we planned well for the items, we also planned well on the jobs. Just like how we made a list on items, we made a list on jobs. We will check if we know what job we are doing, after we made sure, we will do them. For the sharing part, we did ok because we shared our jobs while we are building the mousetrap cars. But we did our own jobs that are listed on the list during the trials. I think one thing we should improve on is sharing our jobs during the trials. We could let other members test the jobs and resume to the normal jobs after a while. One thing I think I was proud of was our lists, because we NEVER forgot anything for the trials while other groups did.

Learning iMovie or other technology skills
9 –My technology skills are probably above normal level. So I was in charge of making the video. But when I said I am good at technology, I didn’t mean that I didn’t learn new things. During my elective, Mac and Me, I learned a few cool tricks for iMovie, I decided it would be a great idea to add the cool effects in my LOL video. After I was done I would teach it to my group mates. One thing I think we could improve on is that I should actually let other group mates try the effects and let them do some of the video so they could learn even more things.

Demonstrating my Skills of Science (daily)
10 – I think my skills of Science are really good because I would be on task, and I won’t be fooling around. In a video, when I look at my team and my self, I could only see students full of concentration. I think this was one of our best and important skill that we had because it’s what we do best.

Practicing appropriate speaking/presentation skills

6 – During my parts in the LOL video, you could hear me loudly and clearly, but the problem is I don’t look at the camera. Not only did I not look at the camera, I wasn’t in most of the film because I was the video taper. So if we get to do this over again, I would like someone else to do the filming while I concentrate on my presentation skills.

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Me looking through the microscope at animal and plant cells